Safeguarding Patients Against Counterfeits

Counterfeit drugs are products purposely mislabeled with incorrect information about their identity and/or origin. This includes information pertaining to a products expiration date, and/or active ingredients contained and their dosages. Counterfeit drugs are designed to deceive patients through mimicking the packaging, labels and instruction leaflets of genuine drugs. Counterfeit drugs can cause unpredictable harmful reactions in patients who take them, and may even lead to death. At Arwan we are committed to protecting patients from such practices and we cooperate with health and law enforcement agencies to address and help fight this growing problem.
Arwan’s products CANNOT be counterfeited; each and every single unit is given a “fingerprint” that cannot be duplicated or copied. This unique fingerprint is a Data Matrix code that is laser printed on the bottom of our products and is not visible by eye, but rather by special devices available only in our laboratories.

What is a Data Matrix?

Arwan has instituted an automated two-dimensional (2D) barcode identification system to protect patients against counterfeit drugs and guarantee the quality and traceability of our products. This system consists of a data matrix code laser printed by a specialized machine incorporated into our manufacturing lines, between filling and labeling, on the bottom of each unit produced by Arwan, giving each unit a unique identity that cannot be copied.
The data matrix carries tracking information, such as product codes and batch records. We ask healthcare professionals and patients to remain vigilant and contact us, using any of the listed contact methods on our website, to report any suspected counterfeits of our products. We will work with you to verify the product’s authenticity by matching the data matrix, found on the suspected product that you have, against our database.