Arwan is the first Lebanese manufacturer to introduce and implement aseptic filling techniques in the local market. Our staff are highly qualified and well trained for all aseptic techniques. Aseptic filtration is performed at our facilities using two (0.22 micron) filter capsules in series.
Arwan’s production areas classification follows international standards. The production line is fully automated, decreasing human intervention and error to the minimum. The production line at Arwan is equipped with:
  • Prefilling inspection cameras that permit the rejection of any type of defects before solution filling.
  • Automatic IPC (In Process Control) for filled weight measurement, with high tolerance and accuracy.
  • Data matrix coding machine which imprints an identification code on each container of every manufactured batch. This procedure eliminates the risk of counterfeits and protects the product identity and quality.
  • State of the art Seidenader machine that performs automatic visual inspection on all batches produced. This high-tech solution includes highly advanced inspection cameras capable of rejecting all types of defects.
  • Dedicated parts for each product type and disposable sterile formulation bags. This technique ensures quality production that complies with all international guidelines, and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.
  • The highest capacity, most advanced lyophilizer (with ALUS = Automatic Loading Unloading System) in the Middle East.
  • LAF (Laminar Air Flow) cabinet in a class C clean environment, under which the weighing and compounding is performed.
  • Separate entry and exit pathways for the cleanroom to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Pass boxes supported by vertical LAF (Laminar Air Flow) for systematic material flow. LAF pass boxes leading to the cleanroom are equipped with a UV sterilizer to maintain material sterility while entering the cleanroom.
  • Sterile gamma irradiated gowns for cleanroom technicians.
  • Safety measures in compliance with ISO requirements (ex. Safety goggles – Respirators with 99.997% efficiency HEPA filters) for production technicians.