At Arwan Pharmaceutical Industries Lebanon s.a.l., we are committed to drug safety and the well-being of all patients who use our products.
Pharmacovigilance is at the heart of our mission; hence all our products undergo rigorous safety monitoring and evaluation throughout the drug production and distribution lifecycle. We are committed to exposing all the benefits and risks of our products, and we operate transparently and in complete compliance with worldwide health authority regulations.

Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting
While we spare no effort at Arwan to ensure the safety of our products, any drug, no matter how safe and effective, can have unforeseen adverse reactions (side effects) due to variability in individual’s biological reaction to medicinal products. Such adverse reactions may remain undiscovered even after the most comprehensive of clinical trials.
For that reason, we ask that you remain informed about a drug’s benefits, known side effects and potential risks, and assist us by reporting any previously unlisted or unexpectedly severe adverse drug reactions through our online reporting form. Documenting, evaluating and implementing effective corrective measures of such adverse reactions is indispensable to our mission of continued patient and drug safety.

Online Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Form