Contract manufacturing agreements were signed with renowned European companies to expand our portfolio and add further critical care products which cannot be produced at our current facilities in the meantime. Contract Manufacturers produce products under Arwan’s brand names; however, the final batch release remains Arwan’s responsibility as stipulated in the signed technical agreements.


  The Adamed Group is a Polish pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, a leader in the Polish market of new generation drugs.
For over 25 years the company has been providing patients with medicinal products of the highest quality in many therapeutic groups, such as: cardiology, psychiatry, pulmonary, gynecology and in treating urinary tract infections. Success of Adamed’s products in the domestic market initiated dynamic growth in exports. Adamed has offices in Spain and Ukraine and their products are available in nearly 40 countries and the company’s position in the international arena is continuously growing.
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  CordenPharma is an expert Contract Manufacturing partner helping leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies link their requirements for product success with their patients’ healthier lives.
CordenPharma provides specialized technologies that are ideal for the development and manufacturing of oral and high quality, sterile pharmaceutical Drug Products, their Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, and associated Global Supply Chain and Packaging Services.
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  The company, founded in 1972, was acquired by the Moroni family in 1981. It is still managed and controlled by the Moroni’s, owner also of the companies Magis Farmaceutici S.p.a. and Aesculapius Farmaceutici S.r.l.
In 1981 the manufacturing process was moved into the production plant which was owned by the Moroni family in the year 1969.
In 1982, pursuing a far-sighted industrial policy, the company decided to build a new and advanced production plant where the present head office in Brescia now resides.
The production plant has been constantly improved over the years with the creation of new manufacturing, services and research areas in order to cope with the increased production requirements and higher standards of quality.
The company has always been capable to manage the several requests from the pharmaceutical industries, offering a great deal of services relating to the different phases of developing, manufacturing and quality control for pharmaceutical products according to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and to the leading pharmacopeias such as EP, BP, USP, JP etc.
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  For more than 35 years, Solupharm's name stands for quality and responsible contract manufacturing of parenterals. Solupharm evolved over the years as a medium-sized company that specializes in the contract manufacturing of small and medium batch sizes of sterile medicinal preparations packaged in glass ampoules and vials. The company currently employs approximately 280 employees.
Located in Melsungen, Germany and housing the latest in manufacturing technology, Solupharm's new facilities are one of the most modern production facilities in Germany. Years of experience, efficiency and professionalism make Solupharm a strong and reliable partner for national and international clients.
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  The Tecnimede Group is a private group of pharmaceutical companies that launched in 1980. Its activity is focused on the development and marketing of medicinal products for human use, with a mission to contribute towards the improvement of health and access to medicinal products worldwide.
The Tecnimede Group's strategy is based on a strong investment in Research & Development, which allows for the consolidation of the group's position in its markets and its internationalization. Currently, with a portfolio of over 75 products, the Tecnimede Group manages over 2,000 MAs at a global level, and is present, either directly or through partnerships, in almost all countries of the European Union, as well as in several countries in North Africa, Asia, Middle East and North America.
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  Universal Pharmaceutical Industries “UNIPHARMA” is one of the prominent advanced firms specialized in Pharmaceutical Industries in Syria. UNIPHARMA is a Limited family company established in 1990 according to The Syrian Investment Law No. 10.
Construction of UNIPHARMA premises was performed in compliance with GMP standards set by the WHO and in cooperation with experts from the leading international pharmaceutical firms, for which UNIPHARMA manufactures their products under license and under their direct supervision to assure quality control and quality assurance.
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  Zambon is a multinational group represented in a lot of countries in the world.
More than thirty pharmaceutical specialties with more than seventy-five different types of final packaging and dosage form are produced and marketed from Zambon in Switzerland.
Zambon Switzerland exports about 90% of its total production; the continuous growth of selling volumes confirms the qualitative level of a young company that inserted itself into the traditions of the Swiss pharmaceutical industry.
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