Ruwayda Dham

Ph.D. in Basic Medical Sciences
American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 1987
More than twenty years of experience in pharmaceutical industry, specialized in post marketing clinical studies, bioequivalence studies, regulatory affairs, medical writing, sales and marketing.

Letter from the Vice President

Dear Colleagues in the Healthcare Sector,
It gives me great pleasure to write to you now to convey our sincerest thanks for your support that was the cornerstone in making our vision come true!
Yes, now and after two years, Arwan’s unique critical care products, labeled “Made in Lebanon,” have found their way to serve our patients and institutions not only in Lebanon, but also in some of its neighboring countries.

We are also not far from completing our mission. By recruiting and training around 100 employees in the Lebanon site, to date we have created 100 job opportunities, effectively fulfilling the ambitions of many high-caliber youths who were otherwise desperate to work abroad.

Arwan’s internship program has been launched as well. Pharmacy students enrolled in the Industrial Pharmacy Graduate Program at the Lebanese University are currently receiving internship opportunities as part of their requirements to be eligible for graduation. Applications from students in other relevant fields and from abroad are also constantly received by our HR Department. Participating in shaping the future of our youth is a major component of Arwan’s core competencies.

Innovative ideas from local researchers and doctors are seriously considered by our Research and Development Department while our marketing and finance experts take care of market surveys and feasibility studies. We encourage our healthcare professionals to propose new ideas (new molecules, combinations, therapeutic forms, etc…) and submit them through our online application system, “New Product Proposal Form.”

With a clear path set by our corporate mission, we are committed to high-quality initiatives which deliver long-term success and growth. With our devotion to the well being of our patients and the progress of our society, we are committed to a standard of continued improvement in efficiency, integrity and ingenuity.

We are pleased with what we have achieved so far, we are thrilled to contribute quality treatments that can improve the health and well being of all, we will discover innovative ways to attain our goals and deliver services, we will pioneer in our field with purpose and excellence, we will keep our sights on leading edge advances and pursue big goals, and we will do more through your continuous support and encouragement.

Ruwayda Dham, Ph.D.

Vice President