Abdul Razzaq Yousef

M.S. in High Ways
B.S. in Architecture and Engineering
University of Miami, Florida, 1980
Vast experience in designing, establishing, commissioning, and managing pharmaceutical firms                                               

Letter from the President

Dear Healthcare Professionals,
Almost two years after initiating our operations in Lebanon, I am proud to say that Arwan has overcome all obstacles in its path and is firmly on the right track.

I admit that while it was no easy task amidst all the chaos and uncertainties that prevailed over the past 2 years and are still at large, my belief in Arwan and in Lebanon has been stronger than all these obstacles.

Arwan is now paving the way to become one of the major players in the Lebanese market. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Public Health, most doctors and pharmacists in the medicinal field, and the professionalism of our dedicated sales and marketing teams, we have successfully launched 11 brands (25 in pharmaceutical form) in Lebanon. It is through this support that Arwan has penetrated most hospitals with its high-end injectable products and established the foundation for a strong presence in the private market, where quality coupled with cost-effectiveness are key in this ethical competition.

Even though Lebanon is our home country, our market extends beyond its borders. With pride, we export “Made in Lebanon” to neighboring countries in the MENA region and Africa, taking part in revealing the real side of Lebanon with products and services that carry our values, quality and professionalism.

Through the support of our partners in different countries, our strong connections and years of experience, we were able to export our products to several neighboring countries and establish the infrastructure for our operations in many others, enabling us to launch our activities as soon as our products’ registration is approved.

Having received professional inspectors from the Ministries of Health in some of our neighboring countries and readily expecting others in the near future, we can proudly report that Arwan has surpassed the expectations of our guests in terms of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), quality by design and professionalism.

Guests from the healthcare sector were equally impressed by our facilities. This has been exemplified by healthcare professionals going the extra mile to pass the trust barrier and assuring that their expertise in attending to their patients is coupled with the prescription of Arwan’s quality medicine.

We, at Arwan, are conscious of the region’s healthcare needs, especially at this critical time. We are equally attuned to the responsibilities that the resulting opportunities confer. Working to meet these needs, as we serve our patients, is at the heart of our mission for the coming years.

I appreciate your trust in us and look forward to reporting to you on our continuous progress.


Abdul Razzaq Yousef