Arwan’s Internship Program

Students interested in gaining practical experience in the pharmaceutical industry will discover hands-on opportunities through Arwan’s internship program at our Lebanon site.

Imagine working side-by-side with experienced professionals, seeing firsthand how the pharmaceutical industry operates and participating in assignments that directly affect patients’ lives. This is what awaits students who participate in Arwan’s on-site internship program. Many of our internees return for multiple assignments, building skills and relationships that help them qualify for full-time employment upon graduation.

Program Details
Through Arwan’s internship program, highly qualified college and graduate students participate in temporary assignments primarily at our Lebanon site. Our internships provide exposure to a fast-paced collaborative environment, allowing students to work closely with Arwan’s professionals. With opportunities throughout the company, students can experience many aspects of our business, including:

1)    Quality Control
2)    Quality Assurance
3)    Production
4)    Packaging
5)    Regulatory affairs
6)    Information technology
7)    Engineering
8)    Medical writing
9)    Pharmacovigilance
10)    Marketing and sales
11)    Materials management, supply chain, purchasing, contracts

Onsite training, special luncheons, facility tours, and other company events allow students to meet one another as well as employees from other departments. Students often deliver a final presentation or project summary report to formally document and share their experiences, and to be entitled to Arwan’s Internship Certificate.
Internships are usually offered in the spring/summer season; however, tailored internship and training programs are negotiable.

What We Are Looking For
Arwan’s internships are open to students in college as well as graduate school programs. We recruit on-campus at many colleges and universities in Lebanon and neighboring countries. During internship seasons, open positions will be posted on our web-based job tool, and all students are encouraged to apply online.
We welcome a diversity of backgrounds and seek bright motivated candidates studying in a range of fields relevant to our work and focusing on: pharmacy, chemistry, engineering and related fields. Professional and interpersonal skills are equally important; we are looking for students with the aptitude, attitude, and initiative to work collaboratively in a diverse, fast-paced environment. Demonstrated leadership skills and community or volunteer experience are also highly valued.

Eligibility and Work Requirements
•    Currently enrolled college students must have completed at least two years of study.
•    International students must be eligible to legally work in Lebanon.
•    Students must secure their own housing and transportation for the course of their assignment.

Application Process
Applicants should complete and submit the Application for Internship (Form HR-F-025) along with the following documents:
1)    Letter from applicant’s university/college
2)    Copy of Passport / ID
3)    2 personal photos
Upon acceptance of the application, the applicant should sign the Internship Agreement and report to Arwan on the joining date agreed upon.
Upon successful completion of the internship program, applicants are expected to:
1)    Present a report stating the objective of their internship, what skills they have learned and acquired, and their overall evaluation of their training in addition to their recommendations.
2)    Be evaluated by Arwan trainers.
3)    Evaluate Arwan’s internship program.
4)    Receive Arwan’s Internship Certificate.