A few short interviews with people who are currently employed at Arwan Pharmaceuticals Industries Lebanon s.al. answering any question prospective employees may have about what working at Arwan is like.

Marketing Coordinator, Faten Chabaklo

  Coming from a long experience in sales, marketing & regulatory framework in both multinational & local industries, I grasped the opportunity of working in Arwan as Marketing Coordinator, where I had the chance to be exposed to new challenges in export & market development business. After my 1st year in Arwan, I still feel proud to be part of a state-of-the-art local manufacturing plant destined to play a leading role in the pharmaceutical community where our expertise, believes, self-motivation & team work spirit will be put to the test.

Engineering & Maintenance Manager, Joseph Chemaly

  Arwan plant is equipped with the highest and latest computerized equipment and machinery.
Working with Arwan is an important step for me to improve my career. Despite my experience that exceed forty years in this field, I advise every professional to work with Arwan because this latter with its high standard and quality of products, deserves this kind of people. I wish I were younger to benefit from this experience for a longer in ARWAN.

Senior Microbiologist in the QC Departmen, Zeinab El-Zein


I am a Senior Microbiologist in the Quality Control Department in Arwan. Four years ago, I joined Arwan after graduating from the Lebanese University with a MS in Biochemistry. I never imagined the size of personal and professional development Arwan may give me until I joined the company and worked for it. My first title at Arwan was Microbiology Lab Technician. During my career at Arwan I have gained extensive and vast knowledge and experience in Microbiology techniques, behavior and all microbial testing which enabled me to develop and consequently promote to my current position within the Quality Control Division.
In summary, I have passion for what I do and I am always looking for an opportunity to gain more skills and learn more. Having this kind of experience is a unique opportunity that will not be found in any other company in Lebanon.
Arwan is a good place to work in where advancement, culture and teamwork are engraved in the company’s policy.

Product Manager, Catherine Yaghi

  Right from the beginning I was interested in marketing and when I joined the pharmaceutical field I knew that’s where I’m heading. After 5 years as a medical representative in different companies, Arwan gave me the opportunity to achieve the promise I made to myself. It was a real career stretch, where Arwan gave me the opportunity for an exceptional exposure to the MENA region and a worthy challenge that presents itself in a unique concept: the marketing of Lebanese branded quality generics. But most importantly, Arwan assured a friendly environment where I feel right at home among family and friends.

Medical Representative, Boushra Tamer

  I've been working at Arwan since 2011 as a medical representative. During this period I learned a lot of new skills, grew my communication techniques, participated in a lot of meetings and workshops that helped me build confidence in my self as well as the products I am promoting. Through those years and with the support of my management,  I was able to introduce all of our products to most of the hospitals in my area. With the right follow up, perseverance, proper coaching and guidance and availability of all needed tools, I succeeded in achieving the targets set by the sales departments. The work environment in Arwan is very friendly, it feels like a big family and I am grateful to be a member of this family.